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Welcome to the About Us page of SpyTechy. SpyTechy means Knowledge of Technology. This website always teaches you a lot of tips and tricks anything related to Technology. If you are a tech lover or if you want to learn anything about Technology, then we welcome you on this platform. Because you have come to the right place.

What is SpyTechy?

SpyTechy is about a tech website. The journey of SpyTechy started on 06 May in 2020. It's a website all about Technology where you'll get a lot of tips, tricks, and tutorials anything related to technology. This website provides to help people and learn new things and get a solution to every problem of technology. If you have any problem related to technology, Spy Techy is here to solve your every problem.

Aim of SpyTechy

The main aim or goal of the website is to provide clear, factual, and important data on the field of technology. The website offers unique and easy content which actually helps you a lot. Now the time of the Internet. And we believe that one must have knowledge about technology. So, SpyTechy  started this journey to teach you and solve your daily problem of technology. Stay with us and bookmark our website, we'll provide the best unique article for you.

About The Author

Hey guys, I am Pratap Barmon, founder of SpyTechy. Currently, I am doing my graduation in Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University in the Department of Public Administration and Governance Studies. I am a Bangladeshi and Hindu by birth. I am a part-time blogger. Blogging is my hobby. I am a tech lover. I am very much interested in Technology. In my free time, I try to learn new things about technology. I love to share my knowledge and constructive idea with everyone. Because in my opinion, sharing knowledge is a great virtue. As I mention that I am a tech lover, that's why I started writing about technology.

Instead of blogging, I am the owner of a youtube channel. So, you can call me a YouTuber. I have a youtube channel named "PK BOSSBD" where I also share the knowledge of my Technology. I try to teach people by making video tutorials that everyone can easily understand.  So, you can keep subscribing to my channel.

If you have any new ideas or if you have any questions to know anything about technology, you can directly contact me. 

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