How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account

How to Secure Your Gmail and Google Account

Secure Google Account: Have you ever wondered if someone knows your email password and is trying to log in? Stay tuned and I'm going to show you "How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account". Has your email been hacked or you're curious if someone knows your password? Don't worry, you can secure google account easily after reading this full article.

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Now the time is very much complicated to protect the online accounts. Understanding how to protect yourself online can be very exhausting and almost impossible because most of us just don't understand. There is a way to find out if your email has been hacked or someone knows your password, and most email providers now offer it for free. Not many people understand that two-factor authentication can completely secure email accounts. It acts as a second password that is delivered to your phone only or using a physical token. It works like an automatic system, if someone tries to log in your Gmail account, you'll get an alert message.

If someone starts trying to access your Gmail or Google account, it will send you a code to your phone immediately, notifying you. Getting this alert directly tells you someone knows your password and is trying to basically login, and it lets you know that you should change your password immediately, on any of the accounts that use that similar password. But because of the code being sent to the phone, they can't have access to your account, so it protects it as well. How it all works is two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, or two-step verification, which is an extra layer of security, also called multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor means, something you know (like a password) and something you have (like a physical token or phone). Think about it. If a hacker knows your password but does not have your smartphone, they get nothing.

Now they could build phishing websites that could trick you to enter the code and sign in quickly, or copy your SIM card, or steal your phone altogether, but these scenarios are very unlikely, especially for everyday people like you and me.

So I'm going to show you how to set up Two-Factor authentication. So then you can apply it to your email account that you feel or lookup. If you want to secure Google Account of your, you just Enable it. This will definitely help you.

Now I am going to show you the full process. You just follow it properly.

How to Secure Google Account

Step 1.
First of all, you have to go to Google and log in to your Google account.

Step 2.
Then you'll get your full profile. You can control everything from here. You can see here the option Security. You have to click on the Security option. Then you'll get an interface like this.

How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account

Step 3.
Now you see the option here 2 Step Verification. If your 2 step verification method is off, then turn it on. It is the best security option that can help you to secure your Google Account easily. And no one can access your Gmail account though he knows your Google account password. Simply click on the 2 step verification button.

How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account

Step 4.
After clicking on 2 step verification, you'll get a new window. The method you are using tells you when you'll log in to your Google account, you'll have to submit a verification code each time. It will send you a unique verification code every time when you try to log in to your Google account. It also provides that if someone knows your Google account password and tries to log in your Google account and want to sign in, he won't be able to sign in because every time when someone tries to log in your Google account, you'll get an update and you'll get a verification code. No one can log in or access your Google account without putting this verification code. So, you just simply click on the GET STARTED option.

How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account

Step 5.
Now the next step is to verify that it is you. Simply put your password on the box and click on the Next option.

How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account

Step 6.
Now you have set up your mobile number or phone number. One thing you should keep in mind that you have to put only that number where you'll get a verification code every time when you want to log in to your Google account. So, you need to put a valid and active phone number for security.

How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account

You can also see here, how do you want to get codes? If you select Text Message you'll get the code by getting an SMS which Google will send you. And another option is you can get the code by choosing a Phone Call, which means you'll get an automatic phone call to get your code. I am here to choose a Text Message, it is very easy. You can select another one or select the same option I did. Okay now simply put your active phone number and select the Text Message option. Then click on the Next option.

Step 7.
Now put the code you have got from Google. Then click on the Next option.

How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account

Step 8.
Now you'll be asked for do you want to turn it on the two-step verification? If you want to turn it on, then click on the Turn On button.

How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account

I have done it. You can see here I have turned on two-step verification. You can also see the time when I turned it on. So, in this process, you can easily turn on your two-step verification method. By turn it on, you can secure your Gmail or Google Account. If someone knows your password, he can't access your account. By this process, you can secure google account easily. If you want to stop this process, you can click on the TURN OFF option.

How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account

After starting this process Google will send you a mail. Now your 2-Step Verification turned on.

How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account
There are so many processes to secure Google Account. I have seen you the best process that can secure Google account in an easy way.

Hey guys, I have completed this topic "How to Secure Google Account and Gmail Account ". Now the best time to keep Secure Google Account. If you have any problem understanding on this topic, let me know your problem, just comment below on this topic. I'll make sure to solve your problem. If you read this article with full attention, I think, you have learned the new thing. Please share this post with your friends and family. Thank you.

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