What is the difference between Instagram and Facebook?

What is the Difference Between Instagram and Facebook

Difference Between Instagram and Facebook: Instagram and Facebook are the best social networking website in today's world. Now in this topic, we'll see what is the difference between Instagram and Facebook? 

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What is the difference between Instagram and Facebook

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking platform where people share there daily photos and videos. The journey of Instagram started in October 2010. Actually, it's a photo and video sharing media site. Everybody is now uploading their daily activities and even business thoughts on InstagramInstagram is the platform for the most reason is for the businessman. Because there are very much productive and best contents available for the people. People are now sharing their business through Instagram. People sold their products online and they choose the right platform is Instagram. Not only that, but people are also very much interested to become famous on Instagram. Because there are visual quality photos and videos available for the people. The other thing is there is no add friend option, only follow options are available for the people, So that's why people are glad to have followers. It is as same as Facebook but has several differences from Facebook.
What is the difference between Instagram and Facebook

What is Facebook?

Facebook is an American social media and communication website. The journey of Facebook started in February 2004. Now it has become the most popular social networking website in the world. There are billions of people are using Facebook right now. The founder of Facebook is Mark ZuckerbergFacebook is not only for social communication. Now it's a popular advertising platform where the business person shows their advertisement so that people can get their products easily. Now the business is very easy on Facebook and people get their products easily by staying at home. Anyway, Facebook is the biggest business platform nowadays. Though it is the most popular website in the world, it has some differences from Instagram.

There is so many difference between Instagram and Facebook. Although Facebook and Instagram are owned by Facebook authorities, there are several differences between them. They are highlighted below.

Difference Between Instagram and Facebook

  1. Facebook is more of a communication between friends, relatives, and people in the community. But Instagram is more about business-related and topic-based communication and content sharing media site.
  2. Only visual content can be tuned to Instagram. No text-based content can be tuned. But it is easy for all kinds of content can be tuned on Facebook.
  3. Engagement and sharing of content are more on Instagram. Engagement on Facebook is less than that.
  4. The number of Facebook users is much higher than Instagram so its database is also quite large. However, the number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. Although people of all ages use FacebookInstagram is more popular among young people.
  5. Video content shared on Instagram feeds is short. Its length is up to a maximum of 1 minute. But the maximum length of video content on Facebook is up to 4 hours. As a result, the rate of watching videos on Instagram is higher. Because people don't like to see big content.
  6. Instagram's internal interface is quite clean which makes it very easy to navigate. But because there are so many features on Facebook, they can't be used easily. It's also a little difficult to navigate. Moreover, the audience size of Facebook is much larger which makes it a little difficult to get business information to the right person at the right time. But on Instagram, the message can easily reach the right audience.
  7. You can add friends on Facebook but there is no such arrangement on Instagram. Content can be shared between them just by increasing the followers.
  8. Pictures of different sizes and formats can be tuned on Facebook but pictures of the specified size and format can be tuned on Instagram.
  9. It can be accessed by logging into Facebook using mobile phone apps, mobile phone browsers, and desktop browsers. But Instagram can be used only by logging in with the mobile phone app and using the full feature. However, Instagram can be used on the desktop using some third-party tools or extensions, but there are some limitations, not all types of features can be used. Instagram can also be used with a mobile phone browser, but not all features.
  10. Facebook has a personal profile, business page, group, events. But Instagram does not have such a feature.
  11. Facebook has its own ad account that can be used to advertise. Instagram does not have its own ad account. Instagram ads can be placed using Facebook's ad account by linking to Facebook's business page.
  12. Before sharing any content on Instagram, it can be edited inside the app. Such as cropping the image, increasing or decreasing the color, reducing or increasing the brightness, etc. In addition, different layouts can be created. There is no such system on Facebook.
  13. While the use of hashtags is not so important on Facebook, it is much more important for Instagram. Hashtags can be used to increase Instagram followers, create clickable links, and find the content you need.
  14. The status, activity, and audience position of the content is known through the "Insights" metric of Instagram's business account. It also provides insights into how followers interact with your tunes and events. This kind of information is known from the "Insights" metrics of the Facebook page but there is no way to know such information in the personal profile.
  15. Video can be shared from 15 seconds to 10 minutes through IGTV on Instagram. This feature can also be used by logging in to the desktop from instagram.com. Videos can be shared on Facebook, but they are not archived under any such feature.
  16. Live video can be promoted on Instagram but cannot be saved inside the account at the end of the promotion. But Facebook's live video is auto-saved.
  17. People can use free Facebook but Instagram users can not use free Instagram. It's a huge difference
  18. The same person can open multiple Instagram accounts by logging in to Facebook. But there are restrictions on opening multiple accounts on Facebook. However, no more than 5 accounts can be opened on Instagram.
  19. Instagram's "username" can be changed instantly from the app at any time, but if you want to change the username on Facebook, you have to apply. It can be changed subject to approval. Once the username is changed on Facebook, it cannot be changed for the first time within 60 days. If you want to change next time, you have to wait for 120 days.
  20. Clicked links cannot be used on Instagram tunes. However, clicked links can be attached when adding ads from the ad account. However, the tune of the clicked link can be shared on Facebook.
These are the differences between Instagram and Facebook.

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