How to Change Your Gmail Password?

How to Change Your Gmail Password?

Today our main topic is How to Change Your Gmail password? Most of the Gmail users maybe have some problems with Gmail Account. So, that's why I am going to talk about how to secure your Gmail account and how to change Gmail password?

Let's get started. 
First of all, you have to know, 

Why should you change your Gmail password?

You know that today's world is now the time of the Internet. We all are using this internet. Now, the whole world is in our grip. We can do anything whatever we want to know. Think, if you need some information, just go to google and search on the search bar, type here what you want, you'll get it very soon. Many times you see, sometimes we can't get anything because we don't have a Gmail account. We can't access everything if we don't have a Gmail account. So, that's why it's very important to have a Gmail account or Google account.

Now come to the main point, why should you change the Gmail Password? 

I believe that you have heard about hacking. If you have some knowledge about hacking, then you'll get it very soon. Suppose, you have a Gmail account. You are using this Gmail account for all time. You just use this Gmail ID anywhere. But you didn't change the Gmail password. This is the main reason to change Gmail password. Because there are some hackers who always follow you and they wanted to hack your Gmail account easily. If you didn't change your Google Account password for a long time, maybe you'll lose your Gmail account. Besides, you can't access your Gmail account anymore. So, you should always change your Gmail Password two or three times a month.  It will secure your Gmail account. 

How to secure your Gmail account?

Gmail account is very much important nowadays. Because we can't access some important features of the internet because of the Gmail account. Not only that, but we all are also doing some jobs online. If you have a Gmail account. You will access everything. Even more, a Gmail account is vastly important if you want to watch videos on the internet and you want to subscribe to the channel, then it'll be needed for you. And it's also necessary for everything. You can create so many accounts online, a Gmail account would be needed. I want to say, you can do everything or you can access everything with having a google account. But how to secure your Gmail account?

It's very much important to take care of your Gmail account. Suppose, you are a freelancer or a YouTuber or maybe a content creator etc, you need to secure your Gmail account. Because, in today's world, hacking is very easy. A hacker can easily hack your Google account, you'll lose everything. 

So, what is the way you can keep secure your Gmail account?

  • Don't share your Gmail ID anywhere
  • Do not login any websites if you think, that website is not secure, don't log in there
  • Never use a weak password, use a strong password
  • If someone tries to hack your Gmail account, you'll get notifications. So, just ignore the notifications, don't click on the notifications. Otherwise, you will lose your Google account and you'll not be able to recover your Gmail account.
  • Change your Google account password two or three times a month.
These are the short 5 things you can follow and make your Gmail account secure. I'll make an article on this topic, how to secure your Gmail account and I'll make you understand in detail. 

Now, we will see how to change Gmail password and I am showing you step by step, you just follow it properly.

  • Step 1.

First of all, you have to go and you can see there are "sing in" option. Just click on Sign in.

How to Change Your Gmail Password?

  • Step 2.

Then you have to put your Gmail ID on the box. After putting Gmail ID, click on the Next button.

How to Change Your Gmail Password?

  • Step 3.

Now put your current password on the password box. Then click on the Next button.

How to Change Your Gmail Password?

  • Step 4.

Then you'll see the icon of your Gmail account. Click on the picture. Here I have set a picture of mine. Click on there and then click on Manage Your Google Account.

How to Change Your Gmail Password?

  • Step 5.

Then you'll get a page like this. Here the left sidebar just clicks on the Personal info and you'll get the profile of yourself. You can see there is an option Password, you have to click on there.

How to Change Your Gmail Password?

  • Step 6. 

Now the box you'll get and put your current password. Then click on the Next button.

How to Change Your Gmail Password?

  • Step 7.

Finally, we got the main options to change Gmail password of the Gmail account. The first box you see, you have to put your new password and one thing keep remember, your password length should be at least 8 characters. I'll suggest you put a very strong password which helps you to secure your Gmail account.

How to Change Your Gmail Password?

And in the second box, put the same password. Then click on the Change Password. 

Okay. Now you have done these steps properly and you have changed your Gmail password completely.

Hey guys, I have completed my topic "How to change Gmail password?". Here, I have also discussed how to secure your Gmail account brief. Hopefully, this article is very helpful for you. If you have any ideas on this topic that maybe I have missed, let us know about it. Just comment here on this topic that we can help everyone in the next time. If you read this article with full attention, then I'll give you a lot of thanks. Please share this article with everyone. Thank you.

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