How to Back Up Your Facebook Data in Easy Ways

How to Back Up Your Facebook Data in Easy Ways

We are doing everything on Facebook in our daily life. There are so much data are on Facebook about us. Because we share our activities on Facebook. Facebook collects the activities that we actually doing on Facebook. Today, Our main topic is How to Back Up Your Facebook Data in Easy Ways?

By Facebook backup, I mean, you can back up Facebook photos, or videos, that is, photos and videos that you have left. You can also back up many more things, such as message backup, you can back up the messages that you have made. Also, you can back up almost everything you have done on Facebook. That is what I will show you in today's post. So friends, if you read this post very carefully, then you will understand the matter completely.

Here I will explain to you step by step how do you Backup Everything on Facebook? Just follow the steps and do what I say. Let's begin.

How do you Backup Everything on Facebook?

Step 1
First you go to Facebook. Then login there. You can use any browser. I always use Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2
Then you have to go to settings. After going to settings you will see an option Your Facebook Information. Here you have to click.

Step 3
Then you will see an option, Download Your Information, click on View there.

So, friends, I want to tell you, here you can backup everything if you want. Here you will find all kinds of options. These are the activities that you can back up if you want.

For example- 
  • Post
  • Photos and Videos
  • Comments
  • Likes and Reactions
  • Friends
  • Stories
  • Following and Followers
  • Messages
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Events
  • Profile Information
  • Marketplace
  • Payment History
  • Saved items and Collections
  • Your Places
  • Apps and Websites
  • Portal
  • Other activity etc.

Apart from these you can also backup Search History, Location, About You, Security and Login Information, etc. That means you will get everything you want to back up here. You can back up everything you have done on Facebook so far if you want.

It's very easy to back up your Facebook Data. You can easily backup the files. You can also change the date if you wish. This means that a list of what you did on a date will come to you. And you can easily back them up. There are also options in which format you want to download them and you can download them according to different quality if you want. There are High Quality, Medium Quality, and Low Quality available, you can select one of them.

How to Back Up Facebook Data?

If you want, you can back up everything. But if you want to back up certain files, then you have to manually select them. There are so many options you can choose and backup your favorite files. I am here to backup Photos and Videos, so I select Photos and Videos and then click on Create File. Then a message will appear in front of you, telling you that it will take some time for your file to be created. When your file is ready, you will be able to download your file.

How to Download the Backup file?

When your file is ready to download, you need to click on Available Copies. There you can download your file. Many times your file may be pending, no reason to worry, when your file is ready, you can easily download them. 

If you have any problem, you can watch this one of my videos How to Back Up Your Facebook Data. 

Hey guys, I have completed this topic How to Back Up Your Facebook Data in Easy Ways. Now you tell me, is this article helpful for you? If your answer is YES, then share this article with everyone. Thank you. 

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